Verses EP – Lastlings

We’ve got an underground Lorde-vibe going on here with some etheral electronica. Dangerouly samey as other artists in the genre, but there’s enough that’s different here that I’m growing to love.

Brother and sister duo Lastlings are uber young; Amy’s around 17 and Josh is 23. What the fuck, I was listening to Jojo and Miley Cyrus at that age. The whole vibe of their new EP is so chill and lush; at times reminding me of old skool r’n’b beats. Its that sultry in key moments, espicially Amy’s Banks mixed with Lorde vocals. Yas.

Best tracks on offer here are “Urges” and “You”. Simple but catchy hooks with sultry flair!

My only qualm is that the duo tend to be samey on every track on offer here. They all strive for the same format that they can all be quite indistinguishable and wash over you instead of commanding attention. I understand it’s an EP, but a little more variety and risk is needed.

3 1/2 out of 5.


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