Album Review: “Vallis Alps EP” – Vallis Alps

^stand out track

A bit late on the bandwagon in discovering this local talent; Vallis Alps combines elements of Electronica, bluesy breathy vocals, with a chillaxed vibe with interesting choices of samples to boot. The best thing about this is how EFFORTLESS it all sounds. The EP has four incredibly differing assortment of tracks on offer, that all capitalize on this unique mish-mash of soundscapes. Those vocal tones wash over you in a delicate way; along with those careful textural layings of sounds; it’s absolutely mesmerizing. The band is a collaboration of Canberra vocalist Parissa Torif & Seattle producer David Ansari.

“Young” starts off sounding like the beginning of an Indie Sidescroller game, till the vocals, guitar riffs, and beat kick in in such a lazy, contemplating mood. This track was meant for quiet chillouts at the beach, or cooking in your underwear at home. For me, this is the equivalent of notching Enya up a indie level with a pickering of beats to boot. As the opening track for their EP, they’ve certainly satisfied my need to hear the rest of this offering. And the lyrics aren’t mindless droning as is prone with these sort of artists! “And we said, This has only just begun, In the end, Time forever favors the young…”. Beautiful.

“Thru” is a meditative piece with an effective repetition of “Through and Through”, seeping into my self-conscious. It’s always interesting to hear new sounds filtered through in these genres, that weird sounding glockenspiel partnered with falsetto-high vocals and electronica surprised the shit out of me. The risks pay off here, and again…it’s all effortlessly easy-listening. The little riff you hear is fucking cute.

Oh!” Starting to get the feeling these guys didn’t want too many words in their EP (or maybe it cost too much to add too much lettering?). This track is a little less diverse than the others; although admittedly the acoustic guitar threw me off. I got a Flight Facilities vibe here, mixed with what I can only describe as the Anglophone equivalent of a So Frenchy So Chic chill track. This one’s for drives in the afternoon. Parissa’s vocals are delicate and apparent all at once; I tend to tune out to indie girl breathy voices, but for some reason her voice demands attention.

“Reprieve” must be Vallis Alps’ equivalent of a heartfelt ballad; those layered “oooooo’s” and straightforward lyrics really hit home here. Again, an eclectic but interesting set of soundscapes here; I really do love how consistent they are on this EP. We hit that electronica beat and it just fucking works; turning a quaint ballad into a quaint little vibe of electronica joy. This isn’t light and easy-listening, but it’s damn melodic and perfected to wash over me in a contemplative way.



This duo is the one to look out for in 2016. They’ve only been recently signed to a record label and started touring through this year. I’m willing to bet a full release album is in the works; audiences will be hungry for this sort of sound. Four tracks simply isn’t enough!

5 out of 5 stars ! 🙂 

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