Album Review: “E•MO•TION” – Carly Rae Jepsen

^stand out track! 

I want to get straight to business with this album. Does it surpass Swift’s’ 1989 80’s inspired album? This album is already critically acclaimed, let’s see if it’s all worth the hype!

“Run Away With Me” is an instant classic. That guitar riff at the start! It’s like the ending of an 80’s teenage movie, the one’s that hit you right in the feels. This is the best of what the album has to offer; if marketed right it could become a great single, but I don’t see that really happening. It’s just not what’s in at the moment.

“Emotion” is a continuation of the bubblegum pop of “K.I.S.S” from her previous effort. It’s a great homage to it, and it works really well. There is maturity here, the lyrics are much more relatable and less kawaii.

“I Really Really Like You” is Jepsen’s effort to continue that “Call Me Maybe” infection that hit the world 3 years ago. In a way, it really did do that…but it didn’t catch on in big markets. Europe, UK, Asia…they lapped up this cute pop gem. U.S and Australia were ambivalent at best.

“Gimme Love” isn’t exactly a filler, but it’s not that memorable. It’s still a solid effort and I applaud that this track appears so early. Not firing all her guns at once! The chorus is still great fun, and continues the 80’s inspired retro theme.

“All That” is perhaps my favourite on the album, and is also the slowest and downtempo of the handful of tracks on this album. Crooning, soft and sultry; this track has mood lighting written all over it. What’s surprising is that Carly really does pull it off.

“Boy Problems” is the track I love to hate. It’s infectious like Emotion, but incredibly tweenager sounding! The chorus is corny at best. Possibly the worst on offer here.

“Making The Most Of The Night”: On most albums, getting to this point in the tracklisting things become boring and samey. Carly is still pulling the punches with this stand out track. This one is a strong contender for a later single, it would certainly attract moderate success. It’s a simple tune, and the 80’s inspired synths and style really makes it fresh.

“Your Type” is requires a few listens and then it hooks you in. Just like the track that it is preceded by, its such a strong track that it could warrant a moderate selling single. I’m incredibly amazed that 8 tracks in this album and we still are digging up these pop gems! You can hear Carly really putting her heart on her sleeve on this one: “I want you to miss me! When I’m not around!!”

“Let’s Get Lost”: The intro! Ah its cute as fuck. The lyrics start and you’re reminded of a more mellow “Call Me Maybe”. I do love the production of this song; its not the strongest song on the album but it’s not bad! Far from it! It’s more downtempo than the previous tracks, I’m just not sure it’s really needed in the larger scheme of things.

“LA Hallucinations” is a weird title for a track, good thing she confidently delivers the first few lines and reels you in. While on the lower end of good tracks on this album, it’s still a great track in its own right. I am pretty much ambivalent to this one, it’s still got the overarching sensibilities and production themes that saturate this album.

“Warm Blood”! Near the end of the tracklist we get this moody track! It’s incredibly unlike her to be this dark and moody, perhaps this is why it’s tucked away towards the end. I have no problem with that, it’s a fresh injection from the previous two bland tracks. This one hits a homerun and is one of the strongest on the album. The beat is the most intense here.

“When I Needed You” This is the most 80’s inspired song on the album. Its the closing track for the standard edition, and it closes it in style. This one is middle of the road for the album, it’s neither the strongest nor weakest. IT’S SO 80’S!

Bonus Tracks

“Black Heart” is full of 8 bit goodness. I wish it replaced LA Hallucinations, it has a much needed dance atmosphere and hey everyone loves 8 bit retroness. It’s different enough to stand apart from the rest of the tracks while still remaining true to the albums’ vision. Come on Carly, replace it! One of the better tracks!

“I Didn’t Just Come Here To Dance”: Well this one is so Kylie Minogue, how disco, how gay, how 90’s! Maybe that’s why it was kicked off the standard edition. Carly doesn’t really pull of that style but she still does it well! It just doesn’t fit with the album. Maybe in 5 years when people start paying homage to 90’s music (which will be weird for sure!). It’s still the most DANCEY on the album, the only track you can actually groove to.

“Favourite Color” is the final track, and I’m very much aware that both words can be spelt entirely different depending on your location! I don’t really adore this track, it’s too corny and all a bit too meh. After hearing “When I Needed You” it’s easy to see why this one didn’t make the cut. I’m confused how it made the bonus tracks though, surely there was something better than this track? It’s incredibly boring, and the lyrics do nothing for me either. For me, the worst on the album.


8b2538984230c17e71c0b3defd0055bf.600x600x1So there’s my track by track analysis. The good news? There are some real winners here; in fact I’ll go as far to say there is more GOOD in this album than BAD. The critics so far seem to agree with me too in that respect. What dissapointed me? “LA Hallcuinations” and “Let’s Get Lost” represent the worst this album has to offer, and they’re not that bad by themselves. I am concerned that they do follow one after the after and represent a real dip in quality in the album at that stage, only to be whipped by “Warm Blood”. These are minor qualms. This album represents pure pop perfection, no stupid pandering to “current sounds” or overproduction. There is a sense of care put into this album, and Carly delivers one of the best albums this year! I can see why the majority of critics are already raving about this one. Let’s see what the next few weeks bring. I can happily say I am obsessed with the majority of tracks, and this is my summer album. The 80’s theme was a wise choice, Carly commits to it 110%.

4.5 out of 5 stars! I’d give it 5, but LA Hallucinations is a travesty. :3 

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