Album Review: “M3LL155X” – FKA Twigs

^ stand out track 

“Do you have a Lighter?
Am I dancing Sexy yet?
Are you watching me cause I move alone?
Look a little harder
Everything I hold is wet”

I really do wish I could understand FKA Twigs’ material on another level; her music is in the same vein as Bjork’s, and I get that same sense that I’ll never be privy to the real reason or story behind the production and lyrics. As a result, alot of what I hear just washes over me, the lack of narrative annoys me slightly.
But what an EP!

I couldn’t really define a genre of music If I wanted to for this collection of tracks; the one thing they have in common is the seemingly angry tone aimed at her ‘haters’ and internet trolls. This type of electronica/alternative scope of music doesn’t really entrance me as it used to. That being said, there is something so magical, sexy and disturbing with what is created here; definitely dance-in-the-shower-with-the-light-off type of stuff. Lovely.

Stand out tracks are ‘Glass & Patron’ and ‘Figure 8’; the former sounding like a runway show taking place at midnight in some Melbourne alleyway, privy to some underground fashion elite (roll with the metaphor). The latter entrancing with its minimal but hard hitting beats, and her vocals (GOD HER VOCALS) are always on point.
‘In Time’ is the most straightforward lyrically, and probably the most radio friendly out of this collection. “YOU’VE GOT A GODDAMN NERVE!” she screams over and over; and we get the sense she fucking means business.
I wasn’t a fan of ‘I’m Your Doll’ and ‘Mothercreep’; lyrically they confuse and do nothing to inspire me. The production of every single track on this EP is fantastic, but whether it truly engages a listener? I’m not so sure.


91be6bde  I really do appreciate FKA Twigs’ work; she really goes there and makes no apologies for her lyrical content, her music videos (choking, pregnant images, otherworldly shite). She reminds me of Bjork in this way; her expression of her identity will always come first. The reason the EP is named the way it is is to distance herself from the identity of “Melissa”. FKA lives and breathes her music. This is a fantastic collection of tracks, my only qualm is not being privy to understanding her inner processes and lyrical content. Otherwise, a few more listens and I’ll be swaying and singing along with sexy-reckless abandon =]

3.5 out of 5 stars!

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