Album Review: “Sway EP” – Marian Hill

^ The whole album sounds like this

“I like it smooth and slow
Give it some time to grow
That’s something you should know about me”

This duo don’t even have a proper Wikipedia page set up, it makes me sad. The band name is pretty terribad too…but I gave their EP a listen and I was pleasantly surprised with what they churned out.

The first impression I got was…sultry vocals meets sax meets minimal beats. This isn’t a bad thing at all, but I didn’t expect the sax/instrumental sampling idea throughout the entire FRACKING EP. On their own, each song is catchy and sexy as fuck…as an EP it just stays middle of the road and DOESN’T GO ANYWHERE. I dunno, the songs don’t sound SAMEY, they just seem to follow the same formula. I’m not really sure if it hinders the experience; it just informs me and the listener they don’t have many ideas xD

“One Time”, “Got It” and “Lips” all follow the same formula: sparse beats, claps, saxophone sampling, delicate vocals. It’s GREAT STUFF, but it’s seriously like listening to Ellie Goulding’s voice on every track on the radio; you get sick of the timbre and delivery after a while (no matter how unique it sounds).

The rest of the album does little to deviate from this formula. *shrugs* Even the lyrics don’t change; it’s all “come hither and be entranced by my eyes/voice/dancing/body/lips/love” sorta shite.


I don’t have a problem with an album/EP that strives for a certain sound. It’s commendable to try and create a sound that screams your band’s name and identity. But like, this EP plays out the same way with every single fucking track. They’re all catchy, but the same formula gets old really quick. There isn’t even a point following the track listing, put it on shuffle and it’s still the same experience. I’m on the fence with this one. xD

3 out of 5 stars!

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